HUSD Hosts STEM Expo

In preparation for the expo, students worked individually and in small groups to create projects to share with their peers and public viewers at the district office.


HUSD’s STEM Expo replaced the annual Science Fair since the 2015-2016 school year. This program has provided students with the opportunity to engage their creativity and innovative thinking. All students K-12 are able to participate in the STEM expo, and in the past, projects from students across the district were showcased at the Hemet Public Library. This year, for the first time, students from Winchester Elementary who created STEM projects came to the district office for a field trip. Students participated in three different activities: a treasure hunt involving different projects, a tour of nutrition services, and building foil boats and bridges.


In the evening, students were recognized and given awards for their projects in a variety of categories including: physical science, science literacy and art, earth science, life science, and computer science. Many students were awarded 1st place in their given category, honorable mentions, top honors, and some students will proceed on to a fair at the county level. We would like to acknowledge the students going on to share their projects in county, namely: Brando DePhillipo, Kirolls Moussa, Zubin Carvalho, Tenzing Carvalho, Jonathan Herbert, Alannah Bulley, Nile Fells, Noah Norris, Elijah Pollock, Brooklyn Anderson, and Hannah Jang.


The Hemet STEM Expo continues to be an opportunity to empower students by giving them opportunities to exercise their talents and skills, as well as share their results with a larger audience. This event would not have been possible without the support of HUSD’s Nutrition Services, the Transportation Team as well as, the Information Technology Department.


Nutrition Services provided tours to students, showcased their meal prep process, and provided students with a delicious lunch. The transportation team provided a space for students to explore their STEM challenges for the day while the Information Technology department oversaw the event. The collaboration amongst these departments provided students with an outstanding, active learning environment for this in-person event. HUSD would like to thank the individual efforts of LaShawn Dawkins, Taylor Wagner, Joey Munday, Lisa Lara, and Veronica Delgado along with other staff members who made this event a huge success.