HUSD Staff Spotlight for Elementary Schools

We are so fortunate to have Maribel Lozoya as part of our Hemet Elementary team.  She comes to work with a smile and a can-do attitude. Maribel has worked for the Hemet Unified School District for five years.  She started at Hemet Elementary when it opened in 2017. She worked in the kitchen as NSA II for three years and then was promoted to Cafeteria Manager where she has served for the past two years. 

Before coming to Hemet Elementary, Maribel worked at Taco Bell and retired as an Assistant Manager after serving for 25 years. Her experience in customer service has been an asset to our school.  In her first year as the Cafeteria Manager, Maribel implemented the system of having students’ line by class when entering the cafeteria which greatly improved the exit process. Every day, she greets all students with a smile, knows most of their names, and encourages them to learn their lunch card numbers. Because of her warm personality, our students feel welcome and look forward to breakfast and lunch.

 Thank you, Maribel, for all that you do!