Faculty Focus Friday for Elementary Schools

We are so fortunate to have Luz Fernandez as part of our Hemet Elementary team. She comes to work with a smile and a contagious positive attitude. Luz takes her supervision aide position very seriously because she understands the impact it has on our students' safety and academic achievement. She has been serving our school district in Nutrition Services since 2008 and has been at Hemet Elementary for the past two years.

One of the things I most admire about Luz, is her sensitivity towards others. During the cold days in February, she helped cross a family with students who were not wearing a jacket.  Seeing the need, she went to the store and purchased jackets for the students. Because of her actions, our students were warm as they walked to school in the cold winter mornings and mom and students were touched by her caring generosity. 

Thank you Luz for all that you do!